Out of the Night

Like a fair flower that wilts in the winter, we all dream of the bliss of spring.


“My name is James, and I was a computer guy all my life. I was the best in the world at solving problems. I had a loving wife and a beautiful daughter in every sense of the word. They were mine, and I was theirs. My name is James. I don’t want to remember anymore. I am a ghost of the man I used to be. I—we—are the ghosts of what we used to be.” 



James is your average everyday father; he loves his wife, he loves his daughter, he’s happy with his lot in life. All of that will change in an instant, thrusting James into a never-ending battle for his sanity—a war for his soul. “A father protects his family; he will lose it all for his family.” That's what James tells himself as his city falls apart and ghosts become the new population in his once proud home. To live in a world that is quickly fading into shades of apparitions; while cradling the lines of what it means to be alive: in a world that has become a ghost, will he either stop at nothing to save his family or become a memory along with the rest of the world.


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